Are animated videos suitable for my business?

30 May 2023
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Animated video has both advocates and critics in the field of digital marketing. However, despite the proven positive effects they can have, some companies are still hesitant to use them to promote their activities.

One reason for this hesitation is the belief that animated videos are too childish and can weaken the quality, professionalism, and commitment of a company to its customers. 

Let’s find out if this fear is legitimate… 🧐

What is an animated video?

Animated videos are a versatile and engaging way to communicate complex ideas and promote products or services. They are not just for children’s entertainment, and many companies are now using them as a marketing tool. The use of hand-drawn illustrations or digital vectors in motion can turn a dull presentation into a fun and memorable experience.

Animated videos are childish

Some companies may have reservations about using animated videos, fearing that they may appear too childish for their brand image. However, this is a common misconception. Professional graphic design agencies can create customized illustrations that reflect the brand’s image and convey its values. As a result, the final product can be a sophisticated and effective marketing tool that appeals to a wide audience.

Types of animated videos

There are several types of animated videos, at Pharos Digital, we gather them in two to make it easier for our clients:

2D animation

It is the most widely used type of animation because of the many advantages it offers. 

2D animation is the art of moving in two dimensions, height, and width. It can explain, promote and present any idea, product, or service. 

This animation technique is known for its flexibility, attractiveness, and cost-effectiveness.

3D animation

Unlike 2D, here we introduce depth into our animation. 3D animation is very popular for product videos, where we can easily rotate an object 360°, showing its features down to the last detail while retaining a high degree of realistic look and feel. 

This animation technique can take some time to produce, but the results are often stunning.

What can I use animation videos for?

Animated videos can be used by a wide range of organizations, including software development companies, government entities, pharmaceutical groups, tourism companies, and hotels, among others. Regardless of the industry, the primary goal is to effectively communicate a message to the audience.

There are several ways you can utilize animated videos, including:

To explain

Animated videos can also be used to showcase the benefits of your product or service. By highlighting how your offering solves a specific problem or addresses a particular pain point, you can effectively communicate the value of your product or service to your target audience.

For example, a financial services company could use an animated explainer video to illustrate how their new app simplifies the process of managing personal finances. By walking viewers through the app’s features and showing how it can save time and reduce stress, the company can help potential customers understand the value of their product in a fun and engaging way.

To educate

For education purposes; animated videos can also be used to provide training to employees on specific skills or procedures. For example, a manufacturing company could create an animated video that shows workers how to safely operate a piece of machinery. 

Similarly, a software development company could use an animated video to train employees on the latest programming language or software framework. 

To persuade

If you need to convince potential clients to use your services, an animated video can be a powerful tool. It allows you to engage your audience and provide them with relevant information in a short amount of time without boring them.

For example, a fitness company could create an animated video that shows how their workout program can help people achieve their fitness goals faster than traditional methods.

The advantages of using animated video for company

Animated videos can take your marketing to the next level, providing a host of benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

Save resources

Animated videos are an investment that can pay off. Rather than spending time and energy on sales pitches or training sessions, create short videos with engaging visuals. You’ll save resources and minimize frustrating user errors that can disrupt the experience.

Microsoft saved $13.9 million per year by using a training video instead of a slide-based training, reducing costs from $320 to $17 per person in just three years.

Money saving with 3D animation. animated videos

Increases website traffic

Google LOVES videos, so adding one to your website can increase your chances of appearing on the first page. Videos are also mobile-friendly, making them easier to consume on the go. With over 40% of online transactions made through mobile devices, having a video on your site can help you reach more customers.

Illustration Trafic Organique.

Simplify complex concepts

Sometimes words aren’t enough to describe the value of your product or service, especially when it comes to new or complex ideas. That’s where explainer videos come in. They bring written content to life and help viewers understand what’s being shown and told.

Reduce your website bounce rate

The attention span of viewers is getting shorter, and you need to be fast and engaging to keep them interested. Adding a video to your homepage can reduce your bounce rate by an average of 34%. But make sure it’s a video that summarizes the value of your business or explains how your product or service solves a problem.

Adding more videos can also simplify the user experience and keep visitors on your site longer. Give it a try and see for yourself how animated videos can benefit your marketing efforts.

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The statistics indicate that animated videos are a powerful tool in 2023, and even if it has a playful or comedic tone, it can have a significant impact on the viewer. The simplicity of animated videos allows the message to resonate with users, making them more likely to take action. In fact, cartoon video marketing has been shown to have a 1200% higher chance of prompting viewers to act compared to text and image-based content.

Companies that may be hesitant to embrace animated video marketing should consider the benefits of a more charismatic approach. Cartoon videos can be a safe and effective way to engage with audiences and achieve marketing goals.

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