9 great uses for your explainer video

8 January 2023
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9 excellentes utilisations de votre vidéo explicative

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Explainer videos are a must-have tool in your digital marketing strategy. They have been present in the top trends for several years in a row. If you already have your videos, know that it should not stop there. In fact, it is only the beginning. In fact, it is only the beginning.

Many share their video only once or twice, but that’s as far as it goes… Your video won’t bring results unless it’s shared repeatedly on different channels to reach your target audience.

In this article, we will present some practical uses to your explainer videos.

Let’s get to it!

How to optimize your explainer videos for web?

First, allow me to clarify some key concepts.

When we hear about “video optimization”, we think of the technical side of SEO, views, analytics, etc. In this article, we’re going to discuss simpler terms but just as effective in getting your video seen wherever you share it.


Keywords are the words or sentences people type into search engines to find what they’re looking for. Make sure to use them in your video descriptions and hashtags in order for your audience to find your content.

A catchy title

Writing an attractive title will appeal to users online, and persuade them to watch your video.

Formulate a title with a maximum of 55 characters, and ZERO misleading information. This title should reflect the message of your video in a few words, including the most relevant keywords.

A thumbnail

In addition to the title, your video must go with a personalized thumbnail. It could be a preview of the video, an illustration, or an image with a short text.

Design a thumbnail to carefully represent the content of your video. It will be the first element they spot before deciding whether to watch your video. Make a good first impression.

💡 Pharos Digital Tip:

- Use high-definition images to reflect the quality of your video

- Pick an image or design one where the foreground stands out and adds contrast, regardless of where it is viewed: computer, phone, tablet, or even television.

A short and complete description

Whether on YouTube, or on another platform, your video must have a description.

Summarize your video without giving too much detail, include keywords, and call to actions like your website address, calendar, social media links, etc.

Now, without further ado…

How to use your explainer video?

From our complete how-to video guide, which you receive with our Gold Package, here’s a list of 9 excellent applications for your explainer video, including the best place to publish them.

Follow me on this…

On your website

Where you place a video on your website depends on its type and content.

If it’s a presentation video of your company, it’s best to add it to your “landing page” or the “about us page.”

Your video should not go unnoticed, make sure it’s highlighted in a strategic place on your page. You can also add it to other sections, such as the “FAQ page”, the “contact page” or “the blog”.

If it’s a product or service video, it must go to those pages where you mention your product or services.

💡 Pharos Digital Tip:

It is best if you publish the video on your YouTube channel first, then add it to your website.

We do not recommend uploading your video in MP4 format directly to your site. It will make the page considerably heavier, taking longer to load.

Instead, share your video via the YouTube hosting platform to optimize the loading time of your page.

In your business presentation

We’ve all been through the stress and panic of presenting a new product, service, or idea to potential customers or investors. We want everything to go smoothly and for your audience to be enamored with your pitch.

There’s nothing like starting with a video to break the ice and assertively present the value proposition.. This will give you time to build confidence and make a good first impression.

During professional events

Corporate events, conventions, trade shows, international trade fairs and business tours are a fantastic opportunity to develop your network of partners and potential clients. So take the opportunity to share your video.

We advise you to play it on a loop, giving all visitors a chance to watch it.

And make sure to add subtitles to your video. These events are quite noisy, visitors can struggle to hear the voice-over.

In your email campaigns

If you are running a mailing campaign or newsletter, consider including your explanatory video. An e-mail is more effective if you include a video!

According to Syndacast, the open rate of emails with the word “video” in the subject line increases by 19%, improves the click rate by 65% and reduces the unsubscribe rate by 26%.

Mailing Campaign - explainer video

In your mail signature

In 2019, approximately 240 billion videos were sent, according to Statista. And, according to Templafy, an average employeereceives 121 emails per day and sends approximately 40 per day.

The video can be added in the signature with the thumbnail image and a start button. Click-through rates increase by 200% to 300% when an explainer video is attached to an email. So consider adding your video to Outlook, Gmail or other email services!

In your blog article

To encourage your readers to read your article and stay longer, you can include videos that complement the textual information and give a dynamic aspect to your content.. You can show: explanatory videos, logo animation, presentation video, advertising video, or a demonstration video.

This technique will quickly decrease your bounce rate by extending the time spent by each visitor on your site.

As in-house training

When we start working at a company, we receive a lot of information that can be difficult to remember at first. The first few days include critical information and processes that are important to employee performance.

The brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text.. With explainer videos, you can explain the inner workings of the company and the work your employees need to do.

In addition, this content can be reviewed. All employees will have the same level of information, accessible at any time.

vidéo d'entreprise animée - formation. Animated corporate video. vídeos corporativos animados.

For recruitment process

Companies that use videos in their recruiting process say they attract more qualified candidates.. Recruitment videos include:

  • Process videos: they inform the candidate about how the company works and the steps involved in recruiting.
  • Tips and tricks videos: these types of videos help recruiters by telling them what to do and what not to do in the selection process. This allows them to weed out unqualified candidates easily.
  • Company Culture Videos: These answer the question, “why work for us?”. These videos bring the company to life and help candidates decide if they really want to go through the recruitment process.

In social media ads

Using ads on social media is now easier! Your video won’t bring results unless it’s shared repeatedly on different channels to reach your target audience.which are more captivating and successful.

Ads allow you to reach your target audience on social networks like LinkedIn. You can even choose the audience you want to share your video with based on their demographics, location, and interests.

Remember, when using explainer videos on social networks, consider adding subtitles, as 85% of users watch videos in silent mode!

Closing thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this article and found these tips useful.

If you are looking to master the craft, don’t miss out on our complete guide for explainer videos.

You are now ready to exploit the full potential of your explainer video. If you don’t have your explainer video yet, we at Pharos Digital will take care of it for you.

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