10 mistakes to avoid when ordering explainer video

9 March 2023
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Illustration Erreur Clients. Vidéo explicative. Explainer Video. Video explicativo.

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To ensure the success of your explainer videos, there are some rules to follow. In this article, we have gathered the top 10 mistakes companies commit when producing an explainer video.

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Mistakes to avoid when ordering explainer videos

Ignoring the purpose of the video

This is a common problem among beginners. When it comes to a first video, this category tends to get lost in priorities.

At first, they will want to make a presentation video about the company, its culture, and its team. And later, in the middle of the process, they will change their mind to a product video where we have to see the product and discuss its features and benefits.

🔸 One thing is clear, no goal is determined for this video.

Before jumping into the project, you must determine your end goal, audience, and key message.

To help you with this, we have a brief followed by a meeting session where we ask questions about your needs, goals, target audience, company values, etc… Everything that will contribute to crafting a structured and clear message in the video

Illustration Objectif vidéo explicative. Purpose of the Explainer Video. Objetivo del vídeo explicativo

Hiring the wrong animation company

Before proceeding with an animation agency, you should compare between at least three, and never base your choice on price. Of course, you have a budget you would rather not exceed, but it should not be the only criterion for working with a company.

There are other characteristics to consider when choosing your next video production company.. Among them is the scope of their offer, the portfolio, the team, and above all, if they understand the problem you want to solve.

Illustration montrant l'hésitation entre agence de production vidéo ou freelance

Too much detail

The most important thing about an animation video is that it is concise and to the point. However, we sometimes find ourselves with companies that believe that the more details they show about their product, the more interested the potential customer will be. FALSE! No one cares about boring details.

You should also keep the attention span in mind. Talk only about the elements that bring value and forget the boring technical details. Don’t get carried away, and pick something concrete to focus on.

At Pharos Digital, we write a script and scenario for your video, and we only focus on a specific idea and take the time to bring it to life.

Illustration Trop Détails dans Vidéo explicative. Too much detail in explainer video. Demasiados detalles en video explicativo

Make a long video

Closely related to the previous error. At Pharos Digital, we recommend that you stay within 90 to 120 seconds.. Don’t be tempted by the idea of making a long video, and consider the attention span of users on social networks.

A short, sweet video is all you need to convey your message to your audience, and they will appreciate it.

Restricting your creative team

The client will always know best its products and services, but not so much how to promote them.

When you contract a creative agency, you should have faith in their approach and give them a chance to show you what else could be done to get better results. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t intervene to point out that they are doing it wrong, but do not get in their way to restrict their ideas.

As a creative agency, we include our clients in every step of the process to ask for their feedback and opinions; we appreciate their critics and defend our ideas. We explain the “why” we went down this road and “how” it would benefit you. They do listen in most cases because they keep an open mind, which works best.

Too many words in the script

If the script is longer than the animation, we end up with a static video (ironic, huh?). When we write the scripts for our clients’ videos, we make sure to match the phrases to the length of the animation and vice versa.

This way, we keep everything dynamic, alive, and moving to stimulate the viewer. It’s all about balance and harmony.

Sacrificing quality for delivery time

At Pharos Digital, we have two delivery options. One is 4 to 6 weeks, and the other is customized for when the client needs the video (rush project). With both turnaround times, a minimum of hard work is required to produce a successful video.

Even though you want the video as soon as possible, allow some time for the creative team to work their magic, test ideas, and experiment with the work. Don’t sacrifice quality for an immediate video.

Look at the results of some agencies and freelancers who produce videos weekly. Illustrations are not unique, and animations are not well done. A video that will cost you money without bringing any results.

Illustration Délai pour vidéo explicative. Delivery time for explainer video. Plazo de entrega de video explicativo

Forgetting a “CTA” (Call to action)

Another fundamental aspect of any video is that there must be a call to action. This call to action is related to the objective you want to achieve. How would you motivate your customer to do something after watching the video? Describe that emotion and their reaction, so it can be projected in the video.

If you avoid making the first mistake, “not knowing the purpose of the video” you will have no trouble determining a “call to action”.

This means that, at the end of the video, you should suggest an action to take to your viewer and persuade them to act on it.

CTA can be something like this:

  • Call us today,
  • Let’s talk!
  • Book your free demo!
  • Visit our website
  • Get in touch with us!
  • Call us at…
  • Download your free e-book
  • Etc.

What can a creative agency like us do to help?

By making some mistakes early in our careers, we have managed to perfect a production process that requires little effort. You don’t have to do anything, we take care of EVERYTHING.

If you count on our experience to produce your next video, you will see how easy the process is. All you have to do is let us know whether we’re on track. Since you have unlimited revisions at every step. You call the shots.

Before I start telling you how great we are and how good our work is, allow me to point out that, despite our talents and competencies, there is one thing our clients always mention: THEY CARE ABOUT US.We indeed care about resolving a problem, it’s like an adventure for us. We want to solve it by making the video a success.

Not only that, but we advise you on the best approach to follow

You may contact us with a video design and story in mind. And when we take the time to analyze your objectives with the video, we realize that the chosen path is not a good fit and might even harm your image.

This mission is carried out by our project managers who, before proceeding with the job, take the time to present alternatives and recommendations to guide you and help make this video a success.

We highlight the value of your brand

Every brand has a unique characteristic that needs to be showcased and highlighted. Throughout our creative process, whether it’s script writing, illustration design or animation techniques, we think long and hard about how we can showcase your uniqueness and value.

Once we know what you want, all our professional talents come together to build a story. A narrative is created, which, like a story, has a beginning, middle and end.

Behind the process of creating a story, there is a whole brainstorming session to really create original content. Because we understand that only originality can cause an effect in the mind of the receiver of the message.

At Pharos Digital, we can guarantee that the story we write will be unique.

We create customized content

Who would want their video to look like the competition? No one.

To attract and persuade, we create unique illustrations that position your brand as different, very different.

A brand with personality, character, and charisma. You can be sure that no one has seen these designs before.

Closing thoughts

Having an explainer video in your marketing strategy can be a lifesaver. If done right, it will yield a high return on investment. A successful video requires professional work, patience, and room for creativity.

At Pharos Digital, we’d like to take that burden off your shoulders and provide you with complete project management that includes the entire brainstorming and creative process, so you can end up with the right video for the right audience.

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